Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Fabulous Flashback

Hello my lovely readers!

As some of you may have recognized, the image above is from the movie The Help. The fashion in this movie is to die for! This film is set in the early 1960's when classy elegance was the norm in the Southern states of the US. The 60's are my favorite years in fashion because of the classic length dresses, the lovely patterns used in them, and the amount of spice people had back then! Some of my favorite outfits from the film are: 

Aren't they just so cute? With the puff in their dresses and the sassiness in the romper! It's all just perfect! 

One way I try to incorporate a little 60's class into my everyday outfits is to keep them modest. I would not wear a very short dress or a skater dress to pull of this 60's look. One current store that does a great job at this style is Anthropologie. 

Here are some of my favorite dresses from their current collection: 

These dresses are perfect examples of revamped 60's style. I recently purchased the Matilde dress and I'm in LOVE with it. I feel so elegant and chic in it! So the next time you're planning an outfit for afternoon tea or maybe just a nice summer dinner don't forget to look back into the 60's for a little classy and sophisticated inspiration!

Is this era one of your favorite fashion eras? If not, what is your favorite era?

And as always,